Sunday, 9 July 2017


How are we all doing buddies? Those who know me know that I would live in gym gear if I could because it's just so comfy, but more specifically I would love to live in all the Gymshark clothing. I always used to (still am in a way!) be a Nike girl and people often joked that I was sponsored by Nike because everything was just Nike.

Gymshark recently celebrated their 5th birthday and opened a pop-up store in Covent Garden and of course I had to go and check it out! 

Pre-release mesh crop top and grey seamless leggings!

There had been announcements of limited products and pre-release items, and they did really well to build up the excitement to it all. From all their live updates of the day on their Instagram stories and Snapchat, it definitely got me all excited!

I also purchased the leggings she was wearing but the matching bra to the these leggings and the grey ones were already out of stock by the time I arrived!
Gymshark athletes were also present at the event but there was only one person that I was determined to meet, GraceFitUK. She's such a down-to-earth person and a great inspiration of being able to balance training and studying Music at university!

I have thought about and considered applying to become a Gymshark athlete because it just seems so cool and you get to meet so many awesome people; so maybe some time in the future!

I first got introduced to Gymshark by a cousin and was told to try it out since I was so into fitness at the time. I was quite surprised that it was really decent material and you definitely get your money's worth! It was from then on that I became obsessed with Gymshark. 

With new releases, they have always been on Thursdays at 3pm (because I'm just that obsessed!) and it's gotten to that point that I would set an alarm so I could get onto the site before it all sold out. The brand has become so popular in the past year that some new releases get sold out in minutes.

This is some of my collection over the past year with quite a few bits missing!
I've managed to collect quite a few bits over the year, the material is just so nice to train in and looks awesome too. Here are a few bits that I recommend trying to get your hands on!

Seamless collection

Sports Bras
I couldn't help but buy them in all colours, oops. These are so comfortable, lightweight and supportive! Since it's part of the seamless collection, there are no seams which pretty much makes you feel like you're not wearing anything.

I only have 2 tees from Gymshark and of course they'd have be seamless. I knew during training in the summer I wouldn't want to wear a tight top since I would get really sweaty even from the journey on the way to the track. Similar to the sports bras it's just very flattering with lines in specific places that emphasises your body features.

This is the black flex leggings and black marl seamless sports bra paired together.
The seamless leggings are another story, they just fit so well and hug your curves (although I haven't been blessed with curves in places!). Once I saw them in the promotion with the pop-up store I knew I had to get my hands on them, although they are a little more pricey-er than the other collections, definitely one of my faves.

Flex Leggings
These leggings were hyped up and all for good reasons; they're so cosy & pleasant to wear and easy to move in. Although it does get quite warm whilst wearing them, especially if you're wearing a darker colour but you do stay dry.

Unfortunately I managed to spike myself during athletics training on Thursday and created a small hole, which left me quite sad for the rest of the session. It was quite warm that day and especially since I had to run with the guys, I was at ease with the Flex leggings to make my way round the track.

So there it is guys, a post devoted to my love for Gymshark and I very much recommend trying out there brand!


I've been going through my old music playlists recently and going back to love The Weeknd again, and Twenty Eight is the chilled song that I've been loving.

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