Sunday, 4 June 2017

Milan, Italy

Hey buddies, hope you’ve enjoyed your week because I’ve had an awesome one with friends. It’s about time that I started the bit about travel so here it is!
The decision to make a trip to Milan, Italy, was a very spontaneous one from the discussion of how I’d never actually been on a plane with Dr. Dan. Every time that I’ve mentioned this to someone, most people just don’t believe me! Honestly, I thought this plan would fall through and not happen, but I was wrong! I hadn’t been totally isolated to the city of London and have travelled to a few parts of the UK, but it’s most often for school trips. I mean, recently, being selected to represent King’s Athletics at BUCS allowed me to tick off Sheffield and Bedford.

We had an early flight from Stansted Airport, which meant waking up at ungodly hours to catch it. Arriving at the airport was an odd feeling with the thought that I'd actually be boarding a plane. Even the task of going through security was new to me and felt quite scary to be honest. I was a little worried about flying since I used to get motion sickness on coaches and in cars, but that eased out after a while. Yet, I didn’t know how I’d react to a being on a plane. I’d heard from others that the parts that they don’t like is the take off and landing. Turns out that I quite like taking off and landing, and I was pretty much fine after all. It was a short flight, which meant we were soon at our destination Soon after landing, we had to put those athlete skills to the test and just bolt for the coach.

Since we were in Italy, we had to try one of the foods it’s known for, PIZZA! We didn't have anything to go on and honestly just chose a place that didn't look too dodgy, won't break our banks and just somewhere warm because we managed to get caught in the winter winds. Dan, I will never forgive you for buying that Coke you know, €6.50?!

After walking past McDonald’s, I decided I wanted to try what it was like in Europe, and using those the little self-service machines to avoid the language barrier, we literally bought everything and it felt like it was a grocery shop. It was definitely a hilarious experience but boy was it disappointing! Although, it was pretty cute and has its own little cafe within the restaurant, which was different, it just didn't meet the 'McDonald's' standard we know.

Touristy things
Duomo di Milano was one of the places we listed that was a must-do. With the option to take the lift straight up or the stairs (which was also cheaper), we opted on the latter option because we’re athletes!

After arriving to the top and both just looked at each other and thought this is it? I mean it was pretty cool to be able to look over parts of Milan but you know, we just hiked up countless stairs, for this?

However, we soon learned that there was a little staircase at the other end, leading to an upper level and it definitely made the effort to walk up worth it. It had been low temperatures and pretty breezy throughout the stay, but just chilling at the top of the cathedral under the sun's rays and warmth, it was just still and quite bliss.

The choice to go to Sforza Castle was on a whim and a spontaneous decision after consulting Google Maps. It was quite cute exploring the insides, but as it was late and cold, I think we were more worried about just getting back to the hotel and being nice and toasty.

With little time left and slowly running out of ideas and places we wanted to visit, Dan suggested a place that didn't ring a bell at all. But after a short walk out of the station and seeing this statue, it was worth the giggles.

Unfortunately, it had to come to an end and we had to head back to the airport. But the fun didn’t end just yet. I was really craving Ice cream at the airport and had been for the time that we had been there. We discovered the development of technology with a cool little freezer that was touch screen and even had a little camera integrated into it.

On the way back, somehow I must have caught a cold and sinuses were going wild and felt like my head was literally going to burst when we were high up in the sky. Probably one of the worse kind of feelings right when you're basically brand new to flying!

All in all it was a great first experience of travelling somewhere abroad and many thanks to Dr. Dan for suggesting this trip and coming through to make it happen.
The song that I have enjoyed listening to most recently is 1-800-273-8255 by Logic ft. Alessia Cara and Khalid. It's the bridge that gets me the most and I like how there is an 'useful' meaning behind the song based around suicide and its prevention.

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