Sunday, 11 June 2017

Storytime: First Fracture

Hey guys! So I thought it would be fun to tell a story about the first (and probably most idiotic) time that I fractured a bone.

As I was studying the IB, a requirement alongside it was CAS, standing for 'Creativity, Action and Service', basically trying to make you an all-round student. So for the 'Action' part of it, I'd play basketball on a Tuesday afternoon to sign off an hour of the 50 hours to be completed. 

Growing up as the kid who played a lot of sport and where it was mainly among boys, being the only girl on the court didn't really bother me, specific sports aren't assigned to specific genders.

The basketball sessions were more for a chill thing and just friendly competition and not anything beyond that. So to start off, we would just practice shooting hoops waiting for people to trickle in before splitting off into teams. My team usually consisted of my buddy Emmanuel and we had pretty good teamwork.The game begins, couple of points here and there, not taking to any positions and charging down the court. 

Then out of nowhere, he throws the ball at full speed from the other end of the court and I managed to have most of the impact on one side of my hand and lo and behold, a dislocated finger. 

The little finger on my left hand was literally perpendicular! At first, I didn't realise anything and my brain came to the conclusion of my finger going into the ball but the ball wasn't damaged at all. I look down at my hand and immediately just pop it back into place like it was a normal thing to do! There wasn't any pain during all this mind, probably because all of the adrenaline. I believe I went back onto the court and continued playing but soon felt that I didn't have much of a pain tolerance for the injury and left to find a first aider.

The decision was made to go to A&E (more off the advice of my mum for a 'just in case' it was a break of the bone), and the more time that had pasted after the injury, the more I noticed it turning black & blue and rock-hard. After the x-ray and the consulting, they came to the conclusion of a fracture bone. 

And then I sat at the piano thinking about all those times that I took my little finger for granted.

I left A&E with a splint accompanied by a sling, which I did think was excessive for a finger but it just had to be elevated I suppose. Since the splint was a shiny silver, it looked like I was turning into some sort of cutlery, which was hilarious. To be honest, I was more worried about not being able to play the piano because my grade exam was looming. For the following day back at sixth form, since it all seemed a little embarrassing and I wanted to avoid questions, I covered my whole arm under a scarf to avoid questions.

There were several follow-up appointments after all this. At the first appointment, I couldn't get rid of the thought that they would have to do some sort of minor surgery and I was not ready for anything at all! It ended up just being a check-up and the moulding of a little purple finger support. The appointments after that were for hand therapy, which was quite odd turning up to the physiotherapy department for a little finger. 

It all healed well and knowing me, I went straight back to basketball...which did result in another injury to the hand (thumb this time!), but for the 'just in case', I went to A&E again but thankfully it turned out to just be a sprain. Yet they still decided to wrap my hand in a 'fuck-ton' of tape (hahaha DAN).

Now in the current times of athletics at university, I'm still as injury-prone as ever!

Thanks for the read guys!



Song recommendation for the week is Liam Payne's (ft. Quavo) Strip That Down, I quite like the catchiness of the chorus (as it should be).


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