Sunday, 25 June 2017


Happy Sunday guys! Just a little appreciation post for the city of London and how fortunate we are to actually be in the capital.

Once someone mentions the weather in the London and the UK in general, we're always known for the unpredictable weather, but more than likely for it to be raining. Well, it looked like we'd been hit with some odd heatwave and it actually feels like we're experiencing summer for once.

Sky Garden
I’d been meaning to visit the Sky Garden for a while and only managed to visit recently. You get an awesome overview of several parts of London from high up and it’s quite amazing. I went up during the day and it was good weather too; and with a good weather came perfect lighting for selfies. 

Although, it did turn into a mini photo shoot, with Jasmeet going a little crazy as the photographer. I do want to visit during the evening when it's dark, because it'll be a whole different experience. 

Waterloo is quite popular with tourists and all with the London Eye within walking distance. I was really jealous of Chloe and Louise, when we all met up before a house party and sat on their rooftop. I mean, who would reject a place with such a cool view of the London Eye?

Greenwich park gives you a nice view of the skyline of Canary Wharf; right by the observatory is best if you don’t want to spend any money within the observatory or get caught in a crowd of tourists. Greenwich market is a great place to try new foods from different cultures which is quite cute.

Dan always has some kind of equipment for group activity in the back of his car and this time it was a boomerang. Me being me, I knew I’d get too excited and get it lost or stuck somewhere and I proved myself right not long later. It went in the wrong direction and got stuck way up in the trees. Dan thought it was impossible to retrieve but I was that wild kid who wasn’t ever scared of heights and loved climbing trees (which he didn’t know), so I was determined to get it down.

We still get breathtaking sunsets here too!

Lifestyle/Experiencing elsewhere
London as the capital means that we have access to a lot, especially food, and if you know me, I love food. With such a diverse city comes many cultures and traditions, therefore all types of food within close range. However, I definitely despise trying to get places during rush hour on public transport, it’s impossible to breathe and you’re bound to get your face under someone’s armpit. The Central line is most certainly the worst!

There is nothing wrong with the countryside and it's always nice to take a trip out of London to experience the opposite of the busy life here, away from the everyday bustle and the fact that there is so many people everywhere you go. Yet, the times that I have visited the countryside or whatnot, I feel that I can't stay too long because going from one end of the spectrum to the other is a drastic change that I can't comprehend.

At some point in the future, I do want to experience another country and its culture and see how different it is compared to London (it has to be in a city though!). Even after all this though, London is the place to be.


A more calming and relaxing song for this week's suggestion is Nuvole Bianche by Ludivico Einaudi. It was the first piece that I learnt on the piano by him, followed by I Giorni. He makes pieces from simple and repeated harmonic structures and straightforward melodies on top but it all sounds so good. Le Onde is next on the list to be mastered.

A sung version of Nuvole Bianche:

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