Sunday, 18 June 2017

Leaving "Forever"

Hey buddies, short post today, but more of a heartfelt blog post that I felt had to be made, just because it means a lot to me (this was also a suggestion from Randall, maybe he knew he'd make it onto the post!)

Like many others, I'm not the one for change unless I know for certain that there will be a positive outcome. University was a big change for me and I'm sure many others too, but alongside an educational step came moving homes, being independent too quick and everything else you didn't want to be worrying about at the age of 18.

Of course if you know me, I treasure two particular people that I met at the beginning of the academic year a lot.

Truth be told mate, you were hella scary at first, you know that kid in class you avoid because they seem cold af, you. All thanks to that one person though (naming no names lol), we were placed together to do our warm up laps at Lee Valley, the week before LUCA Indoors. 

And of course we have to take mirror selfies when we're at the gym because abs innit.

Since then, you've become my gym buddy and basically PT because gyms seem so intimidating when you're not exactly used to it. With you and your many pounds of muscle mass, you can be my shield and intimidate others. Thanks for accompanying me to those open meets and being my cameraman and supporter for each of my races!

On the other side of exercise comes food. Don't forget the person who introduced you to your love to Wasabi and sushi. I won't forget the time at Waga's, when the fire alarm went off and I felt so bad all night because I didn't pay! Aside from that, I knew I could trust you to be the one always up for food, even if it meant one too many McDonald's in a week!

Honestly don't think I've ranted to anyone else as much as I do to you about everything and then questioning the thoughts that people have. I'm surprised you're still willing to hear me out about it all.

I know you're still sticking around until you graduate early next year (get on with that dissertation!), but I know I will miss you loads when you're gone.

Coming to King's I didn't think I'd find anyone from ends, which also showed that you understood the struggles of a roadman. From that we were able to reminisce from our childhood and how life was as a kid (aside from our age gap!). With this, more than likely, it usually ends up in a shitload of giggles from the stupid things we did in our ends when we were younger.

This is an accurate representation of when I ask to take selfies, but on this occasion, Randall asked us to pose!

Once again, thank you for the endless support, and always looking out for me (especially when I always complain that it's cold and you grabbed my jacket knowing this). I'll always be grateful for the spontaneous trips, lifts to LUCA and BUCS meets and everywhere else and taking that first flight with me! Most of all, hugs, you give the best hugs and I know people will agree!

I'm going to miss turning up to training early and just finding you doing odd things like this. It was so weird trying to determine who it was laying still af on the floor from a distance.

It was quite hard knowing that you would be moving to the other side of the world so early on in your application for the job and feeling it wasn't within my right to tell anyone. I can't believe that time has come already and this time in a few days, it'll be official. Wishing you the best of luck on everything and be sure that I'll be visiting! Lots of love.

It's crazy how you create such a deep bond with people in a short amount of time. It has ended up in tears in several occasions with the thought of them leaving, but reassured from them both, it doesn't change anything other than distance. We would probably still be sending banterous memes and tagging each other in stupid videos on Facebook like we would normally do, just hanging out physically won't be a instant option.



Ps. This is probably one of the hardest blog posts that I have written, I put it off for quite a while because honestly, I didn't want to face reality.

Toothbrush by DNCE is the one song that I've gone back to, just because I really enjoy the melody and the lyrics. It seems to stand out against the songs that they have on the top 40 pop charts that we see in this generation.


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