Sunday, 25 June 2017


Happy Sunday guys! Just a little appreciation post for the city of London and how fortunate we are to actually be in the capital.

Once someone mentions the weather in the London and the UK in general, we're always known for the unpredictable weather, but more than likely for it to be raining. Well, it looked like we'd been hit with some odd heatwave and it actually feels like we're experiencing summer for once.

Sky Garden
I’d been meaning to visit the Sky Garden for a while and only managed to visit recently. You get an awesome overview of several parts of London from high up and it’s quite amazing. I went up during the day and it was good weather too; and with a good weather came perfect lighting for selfies. 

Although, it did turn into a mini photo shoot, with Jasmeet going a little crazy as the photographer. I do want to visit during the evening when it's dark, because it'll be a whole different experience. 

Waterloo is quite popular with tourists and all with the London Eye within walking distance. I was really jealous of Chloe and Louise, when we all met up before a house party and sat on their rooftop. I mean, who would reject a place with such a cool view of the London Eye?

Greenwich park gives you a nice view of the skyline of Canary Wharf; right by the observatory is best if you don’t want to spend any money within the observatory or get caught in a crowd of tourists. Greenwich market is a great place to try new foods from different cultures which is quite cute.

Dan always has some kind of equipment for group activity in the back of his car and this time it was a boomerang. Me being me, I knew I’d get too excited and get it lost or stuck somewhere and I proved myself right not long later. It went in the wrong direction and got stuck way up in the trees. Dan thought it was impossible to retrieve but I was that wild kid who wasn’t ever scared of heights and loved climbing trees (which he didn’t know), so I was determined to get it down.

We still get breathtaking sunsets here too!

Lifestyle/Experiencing elsewhere
London as the capital means that we have access to a lot, especially food, and if you know me, I love food. With such a diverse city comes many cultures and traditions, therefore all types of food within close range. However, I definitely despise trying to get places during rush hour on public transport, it’s impossible to breathe and you’re bound to get your face under someone’s armpit. The Central line is most certainly the worst!

There is nothing wrong with the countryside and it's always nice to take a trip out of London to experience the opposite of the busy life here, away from the everyday bustle and the fact that there is so many people everywhere you go. Yet, the times that I have visited the countryside or whatnot, I feel that I can't stay too long because going from one end of the spectrum to the other is a drastic change that I can't comprehend.

At some point in the future, I do want to experience another country and its culture and see how different it is compared to London (it has to be in a city though!). Even after all this though, London is the place to be.


A more calming and relaxing song for this week's suggestion is Nuvole Bianche by Ludivico Einaudi. It was the first piece that I learnt on the piano by him, followed by I Giorni. He makes pieces from simple and repeated harmonic structures and straightforward melodies on top but it all sounds so good. Le Onde is next on the list to be mastered.

A sung version of Nuvole Bianche:

Sunday, 18 June 2017

Leaving "Forever"

Hey buddies, short post today, but more of a heartfelt blog post that I felt had to be made, just because it means a lot to me (this was also a suggestion from Randall, maybe he knew he'd make it onto the post!)

Like many others, I'm not the one for change unless I know for certain that there will be a positive outcome. University was a big change for me and I'm sure many others too, but alongside an educational step came moving homes, being independent too quick and everything else you didn't want to be worrying about at the age of 18.

Of course if you know me, I treasure two particular people that I met at the beginning of the academic year a lot.

Truth be told mate, you were hella scary at first, you know that kid in class you avoid because they seem cold af, you. All thanks to that one person though (naming no names lol), we were placed together to do our warm up laps at Lee Valley, the week before LUCA Indoors. 

And of course we have to take mirror selfies when we're at the gym because abs innit.

Since then, you've become my gym buddy and basically PT because gyms seem so intimidating when you're not exactly used to it. With you and your many pounds of muscle mass, you can be my shield and intimidate others. Thanks for accompanying me to those open meets and being my cameraman and supporter for each of my races!

On the other side of exercise comes food. Don't forget the person who introduced you to your love to Wasabi and sushi. I won't forget the time at Waga's, when the fire alarm went off and I felt so bad all night because I didn't pay! Aside from that, I knew I could trust you to be the one always up for food, even if it meant one too many McDonald's in a week!

Honestly don't think I've ranted to anyone else as much as I do to you about everything and then questioning the thoughts that people have. I'm surprised you're still willing to hear me out about it all.

I know you're still sticking around until you graduate early next year (get on with that dissertation!), but I know I will miss you loads when you're gone.

Coming to King's I didn't think I'd find anyone from ends, which also showed that you understood the struggles of a roadman. From that we were able to reminisce from our childhood and how life was as a kid (aside from our age gap!). With this, more than likely, it usually ends up in a shitload of giggles from the stupid things we did in our ends when we were younger.

This is an accurate representation of when I ask to take selfies, but on this occasion, Randall asked us to pose!

Once again, thank you for the endless support, and always looking out for me (especially when I always complain that it's cold and you grabbed my jacket knowing this). I'll always be grateful for the spontaneous trips, lifts to LUCA and BUCS meets and everywhere else and taking that first flight with me! Most of all, hugs, you give the best hugs and I know people will agree!

I'm going to miss turning up to training early and just finding you doing odd things like this. It was so weird trying to determine who it was laying still af on the floor from a distance.

It was quite hard knowing that you would be moving to the other side of the world so early on in your application for the job and feeling it wasn't within my right to tell anyone. I can't believe that time has come already and this time in a few days, it'll be official. Wishing you the best of luck on everything and be sure that I'll be visiting! Lots of love.

It's crazy how you create such a deep bond with people in a short amount of time. It has ended up in tears in several occasions with the thought of them leaving, but reassured from them both, it doesn't change anything other than distance. We would probably still be sending banterous memes and tagging each other in stupid videos on Facebook like we would normally do, just hanging out physically won't be a instant option.



Ps. This is probably one of the hardest blog posts that I have written, I put it off for quite a while because honestly, I didn't want to face reality.

Toothbrush by DNCE is the one song that I've gone back to, just because I really enjoy the melody and the lyrics. It seems to stand out against the songs that they have on the top 40 pop charts that we see in this generation.


Sunday, 11 June 2017

Storytime: First Fracture

Hey guys! So I thought it would be fun to tell a story about the first (and probably most idiotic) time that I fractured a bone.

As I was studying the IB, a requirement alongside it was CAS, standing for 'Creativity, Action and Service', basically trying to make you an all-round student. So for the 'Action' part of it, I'd play basketball on a Tuesday afternoon to sign off an hour of the 50 hours to be completed. 

Growing up as the kid who played a lot of sport and where it was mainly among boys, being the only girl on the court didn't really bother me, specific sports aren't assigned to specific genders.

The basketball sessions were more for a chill thing and just friendly competition and not anything beyond that. So to start off, we would just practice shooting hoops waiting for people to trickle in before splitting off into teams. My team usually consisted of my buddy Emmanuel and we had pretty good teamwork.The game begins, couple of points here and there, not taking to any positions and charging down the court. 

Then out of nowhere, he throws the ball at full speed from the other end of the court and I managed to have most of the impact on one side of my hand and lo and behold, a dislocated finger. 

The little finger on my left hand was literally perpendicular! At first, I didn't realise anything and my brain came to the conclusion of my finger going into the ball but the ball wasn't damaged at all. I look down at my hand and immediately just pop it back into place like it was a normal thing to do! There wasn't any pain during all this mind, probably because all of the adrenaline. I believe I went back onto the court and continued playing but soon felt that I didn't have much of a pain tolerance for the injury and left to find a first aider.

The decision was made to go to A&E (more off the advice of my mum for a 'just in case' it was a break of the bone), and the more time that had pasted after the injury, the more I noticed it turning black & blue and rock-hard. After the x-ray and the consulting, they came to the conclusion of a fracture bone. 

And then I sat at the piano thinking about all those times that I took my little finger for granted.

I left A&E with a splint accompanied by a sling, which I did think was excessive for a finger but it just had to be elevated I suppose. Since the splint was a shiny silver, it looked like I was turning into some sort of cutlery, which was hilarious. To be honest, I was more worried about not being able to play the piano because my grade exam was looming. For the following day back at sixth form, since it all seemed a little embarrassing and I wanted to avoid questions, I covered my whole arm under a scarf to avoid questions.

There were several follow-up appointments after all this. At the first appointment, I couldn't get rid of the thought that they would have to do some sort of minor surgery and I was not ready for anything at all! It ended up just being a check-up and the moulding of a little purple finger support. The appointments after that were for hand therapy, which was quite odd turning up to the physiotherapy department for a little finger. 

It all healed well and knowing me, I went straight back to basketball...which did result in another injury to the hand (thumb this time!), but for the 'just in case', I went to A&E again but thankfully it turned out to just be a sprain. Yet they still decided to wrap my hand in a 'fuck-ton' of tape (hahaha DAN).

Now in the current times of athletics at university, I'm still as injury-prone as ever!

Thanks for the read guys!



Song recommendation for the week is Liam Payne's (ft. Quavo) Strip That Down, I quite like the catchiness of the chorus (as it should be).


Sunday, 4 June 2017

Milan, Italy

Hey buddies, hope you’ve enjoyed your week because I’ve had an awesome one with friends. It’s about time that I started the bit about travel so here it is!
The decision to make a trip to Milan, Italy, was a very spontaneous one from the discussion of how I’d never actually been on a plane with Dr. Dan. Every time that I’ve mentioned this to someone, most people just don’t believe me! Honestly, I thought this plan would fall through and not happen, but I was wrong! I hadn’t been totally isolated to the city of London and have travelled to a few parts of the UK, but it’s most often for school trips. I mean, recently, being selected to represent King’s Athletics at BUCS allowed me to tick off Sheffield and Bedford.

We had an early flight from Stansted Airport, which meant waking up at ungodly hours to catch it. Arriving at the airport was an odd feeling with the thought that I'd actually be boarding a plane. Even the task of going through security was new to me and felt quite scary to be honest. I was a little worried about flying since I used to get motion sickness on coaches and in cars, but that eased out after a while. Yet, I didn’t know how I’d react to a being on a plane. I’d heard from others that the parts that they don’t like is the take off and landing. Turns out that I quite like taking off and landing, and I was pretty much fine after all. It was a short flight, which meant we were soon at our destination Soon after landing, we had to put those athlete skills to the test and just bolt for the coach.

Since we were in Italy, we had to try one of the foods it’s known for, PIZZA! We didn't have anything to go on and honestly just chose a place that didn't look too dodgy, won't break our banks and just somewhere warm because we managed to get caught in the winter winds. Dan, I will never forgive you for buying that Coke you know, €6.50?!

After walking past McDonald’s, I decided I wanted to try what it was like in Europe, and using those the little self-service machines to avoid the language barrier, we literally bought everything and it felt like it was a grocery shop. It was definitely a hilarious experience but boy was it disappointing! Although, it was pretty cute and has its own little cafe within the restaurant, which was different, it just didn't meet the 'McDonald's' standard we know.

Touristy things
Duomo di Milano was one of the places we listed that was a must-do. With the option to take the lift straight up or the stairs (which was also cheaper), we opted on the latter option because we’re athletes!

After arriving to the top and both just looked at each other and thought this is it? I mean it was pretty cool to be able to look over parts of Milan but you know, we just hiked up countless stairs, for this?

However, we soon learned that there was a little staircase at the other end, leading to an upper level and it definitely made the effort to walk up worth it. It had been low temperatures and pretty breezy throughout the stay, but just chilling at the top of the cathedral under the sun's rays and warmth, it was just still and quite bliss.

The choice to go to Sforza Castle was on a whim and a spontaneous decision after consulting Google Maps. It was quite cute exploring the insides, but as it was late and cold, I think we were more worried about just getting back to the hotel and being nice and toasty.

With little time left and slowly running out of ideas and places we wanted to visit, Dan suggested a place that didn't ring a bell at all. But after a short walk out of the station and seeing this statue, it was worth the giggles.

Unfortunately, it had to come to an end and we had to head back to the airport. But the fun didn’t end just yet. I was really craving Ice cream at the airport and had been for the time that we had been there. We discovered the development of technology with a cool little freezer that was touch screen and even had a little camera integrated into it.

On the way back, somehow I must have caught a cold and sinuses were going wild and felt like my head was literally going to burst when we were high up in the sky. Probably one of the worse kind of feelings right when you're basically brand new to flying!

All in all it was a great first experience of travelling somewhere abroad and many thanks to Dr. Dan for suggesting this trip and coming through to make it happen.
The song that I have enjoyed listening to most recently is 1-800-273-8255 by Logic ft. Alessia Cara and Khalid. It's the bridge that gets me the most and I like how there is an 'useful' meaning behind the song based around suicide and its prevention.

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