Sunday, 23 July 2017


Hey guys! Today is going to be a post of how grateful I am for certain elements and people in my life, because when life gives you lemons, you make lemonade.

I'm very grateful for the friendships I have created over the past few years and I wouldn't change it at all.

Thank you for your support in everything, especially getting me through all that exam stress with January exams! Knowing me and my love to rant about everything, it's great to have you on the other side talking about non-sense. Also, much thanks for understanding when I get super excited about everything, never mind how big or small it is and then getting excited with me too! I still owe you that Nando's, so as soon as you're back from Morocco (I'm so jealous!), let's hit it up!

For some reason we don't actually have many selfies together, except from a few pictures when I graduated from the IB last year!

So I thought I first met you whilst in the music department during secondary school and we'd end up chilling the practice rooms every now and again. Once we started talking properly, apparently we both went to that band practice thing and then discovered we ended up going to the same Chinese school from the age of 5.

Thanks for being there with all that drama from the past years and also sticking to your game and hosting all those BBQs in your little square, I very much enjoyed it all (and then Paul and I clearing up the place last year and refusing to do so this year!).

We weren't as close friends before our holiday in Lisbon but after the amount of stairs hiked, almost slipping on the castle steps, and sharing a room, it's brought us both closer. 
I seem to chuckle at our mutual love and goal of sunbathing and getting darker. It was just me constantly being like 'BECKY BECKY, DO YOU FEEL IT?' when it was just 22 degrees and the sun would pop out from among the clouds. I loved your excitement to book for a next holiday, somewhere with sun and right next to the beach, even before we left to fly back to London! 

See you at King's next year Beck!

Well done to all you girls for passing and surviving the IB and enjoy your time at uni! Before all that though, bring on Barcelona! 

Look how cute we were!

I believe we met during a session where we both have niggles from training and was punished with 400m tempo runs! The pain was horrible especially since it was during winter training! Since then, we'd always meet up before lectures and during our breaks and we'd even know each other's timetable off by heart! It hurt to find out that our lectures alternated so when either of us were on a break, the other was in a lecture or seminar! I liked when I was imposter in a Maths lecture and not having a single clue what was going on! 

Thanks for always being like a mother for me and being my personal hairstylist before university athletics meets and just being that all-round kind person that you are!

I'm grateful for the development of technology we have reached to be able to communicate with people from the other side of the world with a press of a button at no extra cost! It was quite hard for me to see Dr. Dan move to country with a time zone of 5 hours behind me, but with the technology we have now, contact isn't lacking!

I'm grateful to have good health and working limbs that don't affect my everyday life negatively, aside from the little niggles from training. Jessica Quinn (@jessicaemilyquinn on instagram), someone who had lost a limb at a young age from cancer, is such an inspiration. She's always so motivated to continue running and training and it just makes me think of what I take for granted!

Sure you get those little hiccups in life and things that bring you down, but when you look back on the things that you take for granted and the people that are there to pick you back up, it’s not so bad.


No Lie by Sean Paul ft. Dua Lipa has been the song that really gets me into a good mood, regardless of what I'm doing!


Hey guys! Today is going to be a post of how grateful I am for certain elements and people in my life, because when life gives you lem...